Pierangeli Dodero, renowned model and television host, has embarked on a unique journey of learning and professional growth at one of the world’s most prestigious institutions, Harvard University in Boston, USA.

Having just arrived, she is set to begin her classes, embracing this extraordinary opportunity with enthusiasm and dedication.

Pierangeli Dodero Universal Woman

From Model to Scholar: Pierangeli Dodero's, Universal Woman Peru 2023

“Excited to share my first day on the Harvard University campus, immersed in the IAP-International Academy Program! Today, we began with the course ‘Public Value Through Equity, Efficiency, and Legitimacy.’ Eager to learn and grow immensely during this unique experience!”  Pierangeli posted on her Instagram account.

 Pierangeli, who proudly represented Peru as Universal Woman Peru 2023 and competed in the UAE in 2023, is documenting her return to academia on her social media. She also shares precious moments of her motherhood journey with her beloved nine-month-old son, Luca.

Visit the Harvard Public Library

Second day, and I got to visit the Harvard Public Library

“Second day, and I got to visit the Harvard Public Library! This iconic institution has been at the heart of the community since its founding in 1638—yes, over 380 years of history! Exploring its knowledge-filled halls was an inspiring experience,”

She shared in another Instagram post.

Formerly the host of “Niños Extraordinarios”

Formerly the host of “Niños Extraordinarios”

Formerly the host of “Niños Extraordinarios” on Willax Television, Pierangeli looks forward to captivating young audiences once more with her charisma and talent upon her return.

“The idea of venturing into television was captivating to me. I feel ready to continue taking on new challenges. I know I need to prepare, which is why I traveled to pursue my personal and professional dreams,” she highlighted.

Pierangeli Dodero’s journey at Harvard University exemplifies her commitment to growth and excellence. Her story is an inspiring reminder of the power of perseverance and the pursuit of knowledge, promising a bright future for both her and the communities she touches.

Pierangeli Dodero's journey