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We are an organization that dedicated to acknowledging the abilities and cultural richness present across diverse nations.


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Our Team

We create an inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued and respected, regardless of our cultural background. We continually update ourselves through diversity and inclusion training programs, as well as by promoting practices and policies that foster equal opportunities.

Carolina Cuartas

CEO Organization

Carolina is a dynamic entrepreneur specialized in the fashion industry.

She holds the position of Image CEO in the cosmetic beauty field and works as an Interior Design Consultant.

With expertise in designing promotional strategies and driving sales projects, she leads talent recruitment efforts and identifies event venues for franchises.

Additionally, she organizes art auctions at prestigious galleries and actively participates in charitable works, collaborating with multiple foundations dedicated to assisting the less fortunate.

Florence Nacino


Florence Nacino, a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry graduate from the University of the Philippines, expanded her academic pursuits by obtaining a Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix in the United States.

Driven by her academic foundation, Florence co-founded two successful manufacturing companies in Los Angeles, California, catering to the beauty and personal care industries in 1989 and 1991, respectively.

In 2008, she founded OYE Inc., a consulting firm dedicated to aiding peers and stakeholders in the food, drug, and cosmetic sectors to overcome regulatory, formulation, and manufacturing challenges.

In 2017, she assumed the roles of owner, president, and CEO of V Manufacturing & Logistics Inc (VML), an exclusive contract manufacturer specializing in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics in California.

Florence conceived and launched Earth Baby, a brand of baby care products driven by her vision of organic and holistic solutions.

Currently, she serves as the president of KDC-ONE SoCal Laboratories. Florence is recognized by the California Board of Pharmacy, an emeritus member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, an active member of Cosmetic Executive Women, and a member of the Beauty Industry West Board in the United States.

Alexander Gonzalez

Chief Visionary

Alexander González is a distinguished international image consultant from Venezuela, boasting an illustrious career spanning over three decades.

His expertise lies in meticulous preparation and training, significantly contributing to the success of numerous winners and finalists in worldwide competitions.

In addition to his impactful work in the beauty pageant industry, Alexander has been a prolific speaker at conferences, delivering enlightening talks on empowering women globally.

His commitment to enhancing people’s confidence and presence has made an indelible mark on the international stage, establishing him as a sought-after authority in the field of image consulting.

Antonio Salazar

Chief Marketing Executive

Antonio Salazar is an experienced professional with extensive leadership and marketing roles in the entertainment business and beauty pageant world.

In his current position as the Global Director of Franchises and Operations at Universal Woman Organization, Antonio serves as a pivotal link between National Directors and the organization, facilitating seamless communication among all stakeholders.

He excels in forging connections with sponsors to enhance sponsorship opportunities and adeptly manages contract negotiations for national license holders. With a career spanning over a decade, he leverages his deep understanding of social media platforms to craft effective campaign strategies, bolstered by his role in establishing and maintaining prominent social media accounts.

Antonio’s expertise extends to video editing, graphic design, and content creation, collaborating closely with creative teams to ensure timely outcomes aligned with strategic objectives.

Antonio Salazar’s diverse skill set, honed over years of experience, makes him a valuable asset in the realms of leadership, marketing, and social media strategies.

Martha Perez

Chief Operator Officer

Martha Perez has both the expertise and advancing experience in managerial administration, coupled with a strong dedication to serving others.

Part of her professional history includes responsibilities as an entrepreneur, public relations specialist, diplomacy, social work, event organization, and other qualities.

Her most recent responsibilities involve working as a professional in the real estate field, organizing and directing beauty pageants. Martha has a natural gift for connecting, a great ability to listen, and defining the relevant solution to the corresponding task

Maria Carolina Gámez

Chief International Events

Maria Carolina Gámez, originally from Venezuela, is an entrepreneur, fashion blogger, and model agent currently based in China. She arrived in Guangzhou six years ago.

After completing her studies in Chinese language and business administration, she established the trading company called “All Easy Connect.”

Simultaneously, she actively participates in social initiatives and holds a position on the board of the International Women’s Club of Guangzhou, where she has been a member for the past four years.

This enterprising individual utilized her business expertise to become part of the Universal Women’s team as the Director of International Events for female pageants.

Tico Rega

International Choreographer

Tico Rega, a Psychopedagogue, is an international dancer and choreographer specializing in modern Latin dance.

He was the former Director of the Timi Dance Arts School (theater, singing, and dance for children, teenagers, and adults) in Valencia, Venezuela.

He coaches young women for beauty pageants like Miss World and Miss Universe, among others.

Born in Colombia, he lived and studied in Venezuela. He began his career as a teacher for special needs children before transitioning to teaching dance, choreography, event management, and coaching for beauty pageants.

He has also lived in Peru and China, with extensive experience in handling groups of children and teenagers. Known for his responsibility, he passionately instills love for dance.

Bryan Bonilla

Official Make-Up Artist

Bryan Bonilla is a professional stylist and makeup artist with over 15 years of experience.

Born in Boyaca, Colombia, he immigrated to the United States for a better future and more opportunities in the beauty industry.

His passion began at an early age, leading him to discover his vocation, which has enabled him to work with industry-leading figures.

Bryan has also taken an interest in educating and empowering aspiring stylists.

He has created beauty courses and has become an inspiration for this new generation.

At the age of 31, Bryan understands that this is just the beginning. He is eager to continue excelling in his art and transforming the world of beauty.

Renata Vilani

Official Translator

RENATA VILANI – translator, communicator, and entrepreneur.

An expert in teaching techniques that empower students to develop their narratives and speeches logically, with coherent and captivating information.

renata vilani Universal Fashion

Valeria Altobelli

Universal Mission

Valeria took her first steps in her love for the performing arts, which led her to work in significant musicals, theatrical comedies, and films for the cinema.

She holds a Master’s in Law, a Master’s in International Relations, and diplomatic training. Valeria has been a model and singer from a very young age, running parallel to her singing career.

These two worlds of singing and beauty converge once again on the Miss World stage in China, where she emerges among the best globally in the Talent competition and gets the opportunity to perform a duet with one of her idols, the international star Lionel Richie.

Valeria continues to walk the runways worldwide for renowned international designers.

She is the founder and president of Mission NGO, composed of all former Misses from the most prestigious beauty pageants worldwide, boasting volunteers from over 150 countries


Universal Mission

Zel Ali has a strong commitment and excellent experience in charitable causes, being a staunch advocate for the well-being and education of children and youth, primarily in the United Arab Emirates and India.

She is a member of the CHF Committee (Children Hope Foundation), a member of the Friends of the Red Crescent Committee, the Canadian Business Council (CBC), and Universal Mission (co-founder).

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