An organization that seeks to honor the talent and culture of different nations.

Hope Believe Philantropy


Universal Mission

We are proud to launch UNIVERSAL MISSION.
Women united in philanthropy making a positive
impact in the world for women and children.


Providing Free Education to the underprivileged Children.


Mission Onlus works alongside women and children from all over the world to defend their dignity and rights with the aim of  protecting them from physical and mental abuse.


Commitment to promoting leadership and economic empowerment of women and girls around the world.

Women United in Philanthropy

In Universal Fashion Ltd, we take pride in being a unifying force in the world of fashion, committed to celebrating and empowering women in philanthropy while making a significant impact in the lives of women and children worldwide.

Universal Woman

Universal Woman +Pageant 2024

We promote diversity through our flagship event at UniversalWomanOfficial.com, featuring representatives from various nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

Universal Fashion +Store

Explore our exclusive fashion universe with purpose at the Universal Fashion Ltd online store.

Every purchase you make here not only brings you high-quality and uniquely stylish products but also directly contributes to our mission of empowering women in philanthropy and changing lives worldwide.

Discover fashion with real impact and join us in making a difference.


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News + Events

Style with Purpose: Making Meaningful Purchases in Fashion

Style with Purpose: Making Meaningful Purchases in Fashion

Fashion is not just about looking good; it's about making a statement and supporting causes that matter. In this article, we'll explore the concept of "Style with Purpose" and provide valuable tips on how consumers can make conscious shopping decisions to support...

Women Changing the World: Inspiring Philanthropic Stories

Women Changing the World: Inspiring Philanthropic Stories

At Universal Fashion Ltd, we believe in the transformative power of women-led philanthropy. In this article, we will explore inspiring stories of women who have left an indelible mark on the world through their philanthropic efforts. Female philanthropy is a powerful...

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